Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Next President

by Kurt Seitz

My previous posted article requires a brief disclaimer. The articles I post here are meant to stimulate thought in ways that are likely to not exist in most conventional outlets. These articles may contain important news items that have gone unnoticed, or they may only be opinion pieces that I feel to be focused on. I am not agreeing with everything that is said in every article I post.

In order to counteract any movement away from voting for Barack Obama due to the emotional perspective of Chris Hedges, I would like to emphasize that I feel that by far the best vote for president in the upcoming election is a vote for Obama. Like it or not, we live in a nation with an entrenched two-party system and the only two candidates who have a chance to win the election are Barack Obama and John McCain. By withdrawing your vote from Obama, you would in effect be voting for McCain.

Now if there is no difference between how each of the two candidates would run the country, then a vote for a third-party candidate would be the best choice. But, in my view, John McCain would create even more of a disaster for this nation than George W. Bush has done over the past eight years. For me and many others, including Chris Hedges I imagine, it goes without saying that Obama is clearly the best of the two viable candidates. If you doubt that, consider all of the good that Obama would bring and set aside his few shortcomings for now. Do not give up on our nation... work locally to enable the election of progressives who will fight for change. These people, along with the rest of us, may not have a chance under a President McCain and a Vice President Palin.


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