Thursday, August 31, 2006

Develop Your Own Green Perspective

As many of you may have noticed, my blog has been quiet over the past month. After several months of providing readers with extensive alternative coverage on the state of the world from a green point of view, I took time off during the month of August to move from Ithaca to Albany and to spend my time working outside in the green world. There is no better way to appreciate our environment, and our freedom, health, and peaceful places, than to experience them firsthand. I have thrilled in the joy of developing my own Eden.

Now I move on to the world of graduate studies in Albany. I'll no longer have time to continue adding to this blog but it is my hope that Green Prudence will continue to provide information and inspiration to more inquiring minds... people who are open to a more just and peaceful world and to improving the horrid conditions experienced by millions of souls in so many parts of our planet.

You are all challenged to continue where I left off. After reading through the months of entries in this blog, go discover the world on your own... click on the links in the sidebar, research and update yourself on the topics presented, seek out the unconventional point of view until you become aware of the whole picture, educate others about what you've discovered. The world is in your hands. Develop your own green perspective and share it.