Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Horse Flies Return

by Kurt Seitz

Note: I wouldn't normally post a review of a musical album on my blog, but I feel that these fine folks from my old hometown are more than worthy... and the song "Baghdad Children" qualifies for Green Prudence.

It's been eleven years since The Horse Flies last released an album of new music. The long wait has never been more worthwhile. Until the Ocean is easily one of the best albums of the year. Having been out of the national spotlight for so long and without the benefit of the marketing power of a major label, The Horse Flies may themselves have a long wait before receiving their due recognition. But from beginning to end, this latest release is certain to become a classic to all who discover it. Although they began 25 years ago with old-time string band roots, the Horse Flies have developed a unique sound that defies categorization now more than ever. I have casually known members of the band for the thirteen years I lived in the Ithaca area and I can say that I know of no musicians more deserving of fame and fortune yet so humble.


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