Monday, October 29, 2007

White House Press Secretary Touts Health Benefits of Global Warming

by Tim Dickinson
Rolling Stone
October 25, 2007

Think Progress is taking Dana Perino to task for talking up the health benefits of global warming.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. How do you think Perino got this spin job in the first place.

Perino cut her teeth in the White House’s global warming denial unit as director of communications for the Council on Environmental Quality.

It was Perino, don’t forget, who told America that Phil Cooney, the infamous neuterer of federal global warming docs, “did a great job.”

The FOIA record also reveals Perino seeking friendship and enviro-tutelage at the arch-denialist think tank CEI. As well as forwarding talking points to Cooney from the denial group George C. Marshall Institute. And coordinating with Scott McClellan how to limit damage from a New York Times article on climate change censorship.

This is just Dana doing what Dana does best.

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