Friday, May 19, 2006

Green Heroes

Introducing a new sidebar item on Green Prudence: "Green Heroes". I've often wished that I had a hall of fame to honor people who've made a difference in my life and in the world. This is the best I can do at the moment. On this list that I'm creating are people of integrity who are doing wonders in this messy world of ours. Many of us may not realize how wonderful they are... even they themselves might not realize it. But I've found that they are deserving of a hall of fame. At this time I'm only including souls who are still living in the flesh, but perhaps in the future I'll include people who are no longer with us. Although I'd like to be able to introduce each person individually in separate posts, I won't pretend that I'll have the time it would require to adequately do justice to biographies, however short they may be. As time goes by and I add more names to the list, let me know, if you're so inclined, who you think I should or should not include. Note that each name on the list is linked to a web site of or for that person.



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