Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hazardous Migration for Salamanders

by Jennie Daley
The Ithaca Journal

Blogger's note:
The modern ways of humans are often not kind to life on earth. Military weaponry and human conflict, toxic waste, "greenhouse gases", ozone depletion in the atmosphere, ozone production on the ground, deforestation, mining practices, jet planes, and loss of habitat all take their toll on our planet. But our extensive use of motor vehicles often takes the biggest toll on a personal and a local level. They not only create toxic air pollution, contribute to greenhouse gases, kill tens of thousands of people every year, swallow up much of our income, create the desire for wars, habitat destruction, and toxic ground and water pollution in our quest for petroleum, create the desire to build more roads and fix the ones we have swallowing up even more of our income in taxes and destroying even more habitat, but they can also have a serious effect on life on a small scale. Little critters, such as salamanders, need to cross roads and are defenseless against the motor vehicles that you and I use every day. Will awareness of our destruction cause us to change our ways or will we just shrug our shoulders and say there is nothing that can be done?



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