Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They Came For the Chicken Farmer

by the New York Times
Common Dreams News Center
This piece was published on March 8, 2006, by the New York Times.

Blogger's note:
We have endured years of a federal government that considers itself above the law. The Bush administration has used its power for personal gain, to punish people it considers enemies, to pay back its corporate sponsors, to blatantly show the world that it can do as it pleases, and to gradually increase its power over all facets of personal life. To many of us, there is little surprise as details emerge of Bush's continual reckless disregard of both domestic and international laws and of citizen's rights under the constitution. As the New York Times says, America is becoming the thing that the founding fathers sought to end. They came for countless foreigners like the chicken farmer, locked them up indefinitely, and tortured unknown numbers of them, in places far from the reach of justice. When will it end and who will it end with? Will they come for you next?


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