Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Tax (Attacks?) On Life

By Rick Karlin
Albany Times Union

Blogger's note:
When will governments run out of things to tax? Will there be taxes on clean air, clean water, and scenic views next? If there are ever more taxes on the best things in life, will that mean that those who can not afford to live well will be forced to sell off their slice of Eden just to survive? Will those with forests be forced to clearcut and pave in order to afford the taxes? Life itself is now being taxed by a government that was elected on promises of reducing the tax burden. Those who call themselves conservatives have turned the federal budget surplus from just several years ago into a deficit so huge that it's inconceivable, forcing taxes and fees of all kinds to be raised by local governments. And forcing future taxpayers to bear the burden of today's misdeeds. These are unseen taxes on our children and grandchildren. Yes, life has great value. But its worth is priceless and not a commodity, it's a right.


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