Saturday, March 25, 2006

109th Congress Environmental Scorecard

by The League of Conservation Voters

The nonprofit League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has published a National Environmental Scorecard every Congress since 1970, the year it was founded by leaders of the environmental movement following the first Earth Day. LCV is the political voice for more than nine million members of environmental and conservation organizations and the only organization working full-time to educate citizens about the environmental voting records of Members of Congress.

This edition of the National Environmental Scorecard provides objective, factual information about the environmental voting records of all Members of the first session of the 109th Congress. This Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from 20 respected environmental and conservation organizations who selected the key votes on which Members of Congress should be graded. LCV scores votes on the most important issues of the year, including energy, environmental health and safety protections, resource conservation, and spending for environmental programs. The votes included in this Scorecard presented Members of Congress with a real choice on protecting the environment and help distinguish which legislators are working for environmental protection. Except in rare circumstances, the Scorecard excludes consensus action on the environment and issues on which no recorded votes occurred.

The League of Conservation Voters 2005 National Environmental Scorecard reflects a session of the United States Congress steeped in controversial anti-environment legislation. Many of our core environmental and public health laws were under attack, and much of what we worked to protect for decades was at stake. As the sheer number of priority votes illustrates, it was no-holds-barred when it came to the environment and public health during the first session of the 109th Congress. The good news is that pro-conservation Members of Congress worked with environmental organizations and Americans across the country to stop some of the most egregious attacks.

2005 Senate Average Scores

2005 House Average Scores

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