Monday, February 27, 2006

Defeat is Victory, Death is Life

By Robert Fisk
Common Dreams News Center
This piece originally appeared in The Independent.

Blogger's note:
Do not read the piece above if you have a weak stomach. It was over ten years ago when the United States watched in horror as thousands of civilians were slaughtered in Bosnia. People cried out that we could't just stand by as so many innocent people were suffering. As the world's only remaining superpower, we had a duty to intervene and prevent more bloodshed. But it was too late for most of Bosnia by the time NATO finally did intervene. Instead of preventing tragedy, the US caused more by bombing Serbia, supposedly to prevent the massacre of civilians. The US destroyed Iraq with bombs a decade later, this time without the convenience of an imminent threat of genocide. But the military-industrial complex and the press are now bosom buddies and there is no longer much truth reaching the American public. Ike's warning when he left office (and George Orwell's vision, as well) is being realized. As Robert Fisk writes, "myth-making and tragedy go hand in hand". The tragedies will continue to mount until Americans wake up and refuse to allow secrets to be kept, the truth to be silenced, and militarism to rule.


Blogger truthisone said...

Thanks for this post, Kurt. Just back in from the cold where am reading Fisk's latest book, a tome, The Great War for Civilization. Not to be missed!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 11:12:00 PM  

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